Nowadays, a green business is highly appreciated by consumers. In fact, a brand’s social purpose and green footprints are among the factors that influence purchasing decisions. More than half of all consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services from businesses that are committed to social and environmental impact.

Green Habits You Can Practice Year Round as a Business

Who said your business could only be environment-friendly during the Earth Days? Transform your enterprise into a green one to help celebrate Earth Day every day. Not only this will help the environment, but also attract customers who share the same cause as you. It’s not even as difficult and complicated as you think! If you want to make your business green, when else will be the best time to start but on Earth Day, right? This International Earth Day, follow these simple steps to achieve a green business on Earth Day and every day.

1. Green shipping

Gone are the days where Styrofoam packing peanuts are your only option for filling materials. Now, it’s so easy to be greener with your shipping and fulfillment processes by using recycled shipping materials. Use inflatable bags of air, paper wraps, and even old newspapers. They make great alternatives to the environmentally-harmful foam peanuts. Another cost-saving technique is to use a thermal label printer. Such printers don’t use ink, so you won’t have to worry about cartridges or additional waste products. They can also eliminate the need for packing tape.

2. Digital Receipts

Usually, printed receipts are not recyclable because of the type of printer they’re printed on. That’s why it’s best to encourage e-receipts within your business to help save paper and reduce waste. Shrinking waste by reducing the need for paper receipts and eliminating cartridges from landfills by using thermal ink. Plus, consumers also benefit from e-receipts because they’re easier to track and keep when delivered via email– no need to carry them around or stuff in the wallet anymore! Even though not all customers realize this, it’s best to encourage them to receive a receipt from your business through email instead of the conventional way of printing it.

3. Bag Alternatives

If you are a business who offers a product that customers carry away with them– be it clothing, groceries, supplies, etc. make sure to analyze if they really need to be placed in plastic bags or boxes will suffice. As a business owner, encourage your customers to use reusable shopping bags that they can use for years instead of using plastic bags that they only use once and end up in landfills. Let customers pick between those two, and even if it’s not suitable for everyone, it makes sense to help lead the way in making consumers more aware of how these plastic bags and shopping bags impact and harm the environment.

The Bottom Line

Even though International Earth Day is only celebrated once a year, you can be socially and environmentally responsible every day no matter how big or small your business is. Prevent the planet from getting destroyed because of reckless decisions people make. Do your part, and for sure, your business’ success will follow along.