Our industry is evolving faster than many old-fashioned business owners can keep up with and technologies released within the past few years are already being upgraded before being mastered, or incorporated at all. But for companies who are embracing these technical innovations, business is growing at a rapid pace and in turn, disrupting the advertising world as we know it. To stay ahead of the curve, we’ve listed several marketing trends to pay attention to in 2019.

Watch Out for These 2019 Trends!

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Even though many still don’t understand it’s capabilities and limitations, artificial intelligence (AI) is the hot new topic in marketing. The most popular form of AI is chatbots. Chatbots help brands enhance their customer service while maintaining budgets. They are faster than humans when supplying any data-related solutions and accepting requests. They use an instant messaging algorithm to chat in real-time with your clients, and they have humor and personalities while offering personalized services to any customer in need at any time.

Visual Search

What is described as ‘machine learning’ is taking online searching to new levels. It’s not just voice search that’s on the rise; now there is visual search. When it was first presented last year by Google, it was described as a type of search in reverse. How does visual search work? Instead of typing a question in a search bar to get image results, you instead point your phone’s camera at an object and you get immediate text-based information as it searches for other images like it. For instance, based on an image of a chair, you could use visual search to shop for a similar chair to the one you took a picture of.

While it all sounds pretty incredible, the technology for visual search is still developing. Machine learning must be able to recognize a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns the way the human mind does. It’s not only about identifying an image; the machine recreates the mind’s image before it can effectively produce a viable visual search application.

Social Media Takeover

Social media has become a staple in almost everyone’s daily life, and especially for business, understanding the changes implemented in social media is essential. The top three most popular social media trends are videos, automation, and influence marketing, but there are more marketing trends that are constantly changing.

Bottom line

Just remember that above all, dominating a single platform is not enough anymore. Your leads on Facebook may be connected to Instagram, are not on YouTube, and those who follow you on YouTube are not the same people reading your website content. To successfully strategize your marketing goals, the key is to repurpose your content across multiple platforms and be aware of the new marketing trends to pay attention to in 2019.