When it comes to harnessing power, virality has a new platform in the marketing industry. Everyone wants to be viral online to get discovered for popularity and business purposes. It might seem like marketers has struck a goldmine if their content ends up on aggregators such as Buzzfeed or Mashable. But beyond a one-hit-wonder, your brand will not benefit from such a thing. What’s more important than viral content? It’s been long hailed that the power of word of mouth speak volumes. The following are our reasons why.

It Establishes Trust

Building trust with customers start with brand ambassadors who are willing to mention you on their page. You see, about 92% of consumers go with recommendations from people they know than an anonymous reviewer. When it comes to the business industry, trust is hard to come by– especially if you’re starting out. So whether you’re looking for B2B or B2C, you want to increase the word of mouth for your business.

It Brings Loyalty

Getting customers into your business is a challenge, but using customer referral makes this a lot easier to manage. People who are referred to by a friend usually stay committed to a brand than those who discovered it in another way. According to Goethe University, about 18% referred consumers are likely to stay loyal to a brand more than others.

It Creates a Buzz

Create a buzz within your promotions to incite word of mouth. GoPro brings a brilliant example of this as they give fans the opportunity to submit their photos for a chance to be featured in their marketing campaigns. This created such a huge buzz that it continues to generate about 150+ entries per day. If picked, you’ll also win GoPro products. Talk about creating a buzz, right?