“Creativity is connecting things.” -Steve Jobs

70% of people look to other customer reviews before making a purchase or hiring for a service. But positive customer reviews doesn’t just stop where they’re written. Use them at your brand’s advantage to showcase its greatest qualities in different ways. Reviews drive sales and brings in new upcoming traffic to your business. By sharing real experiences from your customers gives your brand a genuine uniqueness which people really appreciate. Here are four simple and creative ways you can use consumer reviews for other parts of your brand.

How to Use Positive Reviews For Your Brand

1. Use on social media

Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn are commonly great social media platforms for people to talk about their experiences with brands and businesses. Always be on the lookout to collect positive reviews and use them in shoutouts, retweets, and captions. Be sure to always add an engaging visual or picture so people get even more interested along with reading a positive testimonial.

2. Use on product pages

Include consumer reviews when customers are shopping on your website. Include them in specific products so that people can read real life impressions on what they thought about them. You could even add these to best-sellers or popular items people might be curious about knowing more about. It’s also a good idea to add reviews to shopping baskets or checkout pages if it compliments well.

3. Use in advertising and marketing

Showcase your brand’s awesome reviews where people can see it the most. This includes your business website’s home page, in print and digital ads, and even include them in your email marketing blasts. Go through a few of the best reviews and highlight them for people to see. If you have many great reviews, you could even add a testimonials page where people can read every real experience customers had.

4. Use in store

If your brand does have a few popular, best-selling items in store, let people know! You could add consumer ratings next to each product or around the store. You could even have a display of recommendations from your customers for other customers to refer to.