“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” -Paul Rand (American Modernist)

4 Reasons to Go for a Brand Logo Redesign

A logo is one of the key branding elements of a successful business. A logo represents your products, your service, and your company overall. This is the one first things customers see when they start a search online or when they see one of your products in a store. A simple graphic has a huge influence on consumers and it’s very important that is has a powerful impact. If you’re considering of rebranding, try going down this list of four reasons why your brand might have to.

1. Outdated

If your brand isn’t responding well to and in modern digital platforms, then your logo is probably outdated. If your business has been around for a bit of time, you might want to consider redesigning your logo for a more modern appeal. Now that 85% of marketing is done online and on social media, you need to make sure your brand is keeping up with times.

2. Too complicated

If your brand isn’t memorable or doesn’t make a strong impact on your consumers, then your logo is probably too complicated. A logo has a huge impact on audiences whether in print or digital, so make it easy for consumers to understand. Have a story behind your design that represents your company that’ll help your audience remember you. Be creative, but always remember, less is more.

3. Reposition of the company

It’s common for companies to take a change in direction for many reasons. From switching markets or merging multiple companies into one, businesses are constantly furthering their development in their identity and values. In this case, a logo redesign is essential because it represents a new identity for customers to get familiar with the new launch.

4. Negative/controversial impact

You might want to consider a redesign of your logo if your brand reflects something that might be negative or controversial. Times have changed and its important to adapt to new audiences and new trends. There has been a lot of backlash huge companies has taken in the past because of this matter. It really makes a difference to think wisely about your redesign to keep audiences engaged and supportive.