If your brand is getting amazing reviews, make it even better with a proper response!

Just how we express our appreciation for people who compliment us face-to-face, it’s the same reason why we should respond to positive reviews. Not only is it polite, but it reflects a lot on your brand’s image and customer service. While potential customers are reading your business’ reviews, proper responses to good or bad reviews gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers. Get inspired by these four steps on how you can genuinely respond to positive reviews.

Engage With Your Customers The Right Way

1. Make is personal

Your response should always sound personable and not like it’s coming from a robot. Greet them by using their name and pay attention to what they were satisfied about. By paying attention to the little details in their review shows that you truly are grateful and compliment them that way. Your customers will definitely be impressed!

2. Emphasis gratitude

If your customers took time out to write a positive review for your business, show your appreciation in return. You can thank them on something they said specifically about their experience or thank them for their time for leaving a review. Share positive reviews to your team by letting them know how well their customer service is doing. Your team will definitely feel valued and can spread more positivity in the work culture.

3. Squeeze in some marketing

With 92% of consumer reading online reviews daily, take the time in your response to emphasize your brand’s success for future clients to know about your brand. If an auto shop was responding to a satisfied client that took their car in for oil change service, try incorporating some marketing like this: “Hi Brenda, thank you for your awesome review! At our auto shop, our customer’s satisfaction is always a priority while serving affordable prices! Hope to see you back soon!” Take this opportunity to boast about how your brand sticks out from the competition.

4. Invite them back again

End your response by thanking them again and give them a reason to come back. Show your gratitude in their patronage and their time. You could even make them feel even more valued if you give them a bit of inside information they can look forward to regarding current promotions or a new menu item. Again, be unique and personal!