If you’re passionate about something, then share it with the world.

Blogging is the most valuable type of content marketing. If you want to go above and beyond than your competition, build your brand even more with a blog. Once you’ve established a platform or vision for your brand, your blog brings your online presence alive that way you can engage with your clients and reach future clients as well. Don’t think of having a blog as extra work, think of your blog as a place where you can be creative, share stories, and inform the cyber public of things that’ll spark their interest. If you’re still not convinced, check out our five other reasons why your brand needs a blog.

Blog Benefits

1. Builds community

Blogging opens up another realm of networks and partnerships that could work to the benefit of your brand. When keeping a blog active on your brand website, you’re building a community of people that share the same industry with you whether other brands or clients. The benefit of building an industry community is working with influencers to promote your brand. Influencers are valuable to brands because they drive a bigger and newer community straight to your brand.

2. Establish authority

Not only are you creating credibility for yourself and your brand, but you become a source of knowledge for clients wanting to know more. Blogging about your industry or interests makes you an industry expert and allows the public to trust you with the information you’ve researched and put out. This strengthens your brands because it brings more traffic to your website.

3. Boost your SEO

Google loves fresh content and a website that’s constantly updating. If you are consistently posting articles to your website, Google will rank your website higher on its search engine for people to find your brand very easily. Your SEO value improves dramatically just by blogging. SEO or search engine optimization increases the visibility of your website thus driving traffic and your revenue.

4. Drives traffic

Companies who blog get 97% more clicks to their website in comparison to those who don’t blog. Once you’ve created a legitimate blogging strategy of quality content, appealing design, and consistent publication watch the other branches of your brand skyrocket. You’ll notice your social media will gain a larger following, you’ll receive positive testimonials and a higher number of subscribers and visitors.

5. Watch your business succeed

Investing in a blog is really inexpensive and takes no time at all. But being able to maintain your blog momentum and what you’re blogging about where the challenge is. Most blogging takes research and useful expertise for others to use to grow. When clients are looking up to you as source, it goes to show that whatever research and advice you publish is obviously applying to the success of your brand.