Use social media to show who you are and what you stand for.

If you’re a brand that’s looking to grow in sales, audiences, and awareness, you should already have a Facebook Business Page account. There are countless benefits of managing a brand or multiple brands on Facebook Business, it’s just the matter of how well you utilize it. Having a Facebook Business page allows your brand to analyze and strategize marketing and business methods to further your growth in your industry. Here are a few helpful tips that’ll help you use your Facebook Business Page to its fullest potential.

Facebook Business Advantages

1. Keep it professional

Your Facebook Business Page should not be your personal account. There is a huge difference regarding features and functions of a Facebook Business Page that a personal account doesn’t entail like content tools, advertising opportunities, analytics, and more. With that being said, never treat your Facebook Business Page like your personal account. Be sure to always optimize your “About” section. This is what viewers first see when visiting your page, so leave a great impression!

2. Stick with an engaging theme

It’s important to keep logos, cover photos, and themes memorable and engaging to maintain an audience and to draw future viewers to your page as well. Be sure your profile picture is recognizable and kept uniformly throughout your page and posts.

3. Be consistent

Keep your content, visuals, and engagement professional that reflects your brands image. Frame your Facebook Business Page to showcase all of your brand’s unique and interesting assets to keep viewers entertained and interested. Be sure your posts of pictures, videos, and content are scheduled regularly.

4. Take advantage of the tools

Take control of your Facebook Business Page by properly using its widgets and special features. Access your pages and ads with your dashboard, add a CTA (call to action) buttons, add target audiences according your promotions and audience reach, and more. There are quite a few techniques that might take time getting use to, but it’s totally worth it.

5. Engage and promote

Monitor and interact with your viewers daily. Though it might not be ideal to respond to every comment, take the time to observe the interactions and conversations on your page. You also have the option for followers to privately respond to you if you choose the correct settings. It’s also very essential to promote your Facebook Business Page. Create ads, find your target audiences, and a reasonable budget to get your brand going viral.