Mistakes in customer service can do a lot of damage to a business. Learning ways to avoid these mistakes is crucial for your business. If you’re doing any of these six customer service mistakes, you might want to reconsider your customer service providers. Let’s leave customers as impressed as possible to ensure returns. Remember that having good customer service may take time, but keep delivering consistent and positive customer service to maintain those high standards you have set for your business.

How to Avoid Poor Customer Service

1. Long wait times – putting the customer on hold

It’s understandable that their may be moments you are in high demand. However, leaving the customer waiting for too long can result in a customer leaving to find another company. A fast, efficient response time is crucial for great customer service. You may want to consider employing additional support staff if you’re in high demand.

2. Not having a visible contact page

Any business should have a ‘Contact Us’ page or a number visible so that the customer can engage. Today, there are many ways a customer can get in contact with a business. Stay up to date with social media for a direct message or even live chats for an instant response time.

3. Forcing customers to only contact by phone

Thankfully there are different ways to communicate these days. Make sure to not only have a phone number visible, but an email as well as social handles also visible. Allowing the customer to choose which channel to communicate by will get the conversation started on the right foot.

4. Using negative language

While it might sound like the easiest option to be negative when the customer is also being negative, it is important to stay positive. Working on a positive approach will diminish leaving the customer with a negative experience. Stay positive and do not react negatively to a comment from a customer.

5. Asking customers to repeat

This can be a pet peeve to some. It is understandable if the call is muffled or there is bad connection, but when the customer is asked to repeat the details is bad customer service.

6. Inconsistent

Maintaining consistent customer service is crucial for your business. Complaints will always come and go, but consistent customer service will retain those loyal customers.