“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” -James Joyce

The process and launch of a marketing campaign can be exciting yet overwhelming. It takes a lot of hard work to perfecting a successful campaign, even if it means learning the mistakes of others and your own. Here are six common mistakes brands make when beginning a marketing campaign that you can definitely learn from.

Launching Your Marketing Campaign Effectively

1. Having no timeline or goals

There should be no excuse in skipping the most basic step in creating a campaign plan. It’s important to know the vision and direction of where the campaign is going and it’s even more important that your marketing team knows that. Take the time to build a detailed timeline of short and long term goals. There’s no point in launching a campaign if you’re just throwing it out there with no intention.

2. Refusing the use of social media

Though we are in the age of digital media, some brands and businesses apparently make this careless error. Social media opens many doors for marketing opportunities; influencership, reaching audiences, building communities, spreading brand awareness, and more! Get to know all social media platforms and find out what will work best for your campaign to thrive.

3. Failing to network

It’s a good idea to be competitive against other brands and businesses, but what if we told you networking actually works? Engage and connect with other industry brands. Not only is it a win-win situation of gaining double the audience exposure, but it can work out for the better for future partnerships and collaborations.

4. Lazy for the press

If there is anyone that can reach a huge audience whereas locally, nationally, or globally, it’s the press. Ignoring the press is a huge mistake when it comes to the launch of a marketing campaign. Whether if it’s laziness or an ego problem, use the media at your advantage to get your message out to the public.

5. Overlooking customer service

Never underestimate the power of customer service. This is your brand’s outlet to current and potential customers or viewers. Make the effort to engage and cater to your customers whether if its via website, social media, phone, email, etc. Just because the marketing campaign is the main event at the time, your customers make or break your business before, after, and during your campaign.

6. Not tracking progress

Whether your campaign is a deadbeat or a success, it’s important to know what worked and what did not. This helps your brand to grow from its mistakes and embrace its successes in future campaigns and strategies. Visually track your campaign over the duration of the event and pay attention to its response. Use your data gathered and apply effectively to your brand’s growth.