Customer service should not be a department, it should be the entire company,” said Tony Hsieh, the CEO of Zappos. In every business, customer service is expected to be the inner quality which customers don’t see but feel. With great customer care comes better business reviews, and an excellent way to spark word of mouth.

Customer Service Skill is an Asset

Excellent customer service is the lifeblood of any organization. While it is important for every successful company to have a unique brand and an outstanding range of products, admirable overall customer service is the key to gain new customers and grow your prospects. It is more than smiling and working fast to render services. Here are the eight customer service skills that drive every business.


Having respect for your customers means you treat them the same way you would want to be treated. Regardless of how they act, having good customer service means being respectful all the time.


Know where your customers are coming from. Understand why they are acting a certain way and put yourself in their shoes. If you were they, what kind of response do you want to hear?

Product Knowledge

When you have an intensive knowledge of what you’re offering to your customers, the job gets done easier because you would know how to sell it and offer help when needed.

Active Listening/ Attentiveness

Be the company who listens with the intent to understand and not just with the intent to reply. By knowing what your customers have to say, it doesn’t only help you become better, but it also builds them trust and confidence with you.

Clear Communication Skills

By being able to reach out to your customers clearly, it will not only assure them but also make it easier for them to understand your message.

Willingness to Learn

Every business has its own room for growth and improvement. Even if you think your business is already at the top, the willingness to learn what else is out there is important.


A business should know how to handle responsibilities. Customers want someone to take responsibility for their problem. Let them know that you’re moving toward a resolution.

The Bottomline

Customer service is not the face but rather the soul of the company. A great product or an effective management are worth much less without the ability to make your customers happy. So it is important to exert more effort for them because after all, they are the ones who can make every business successful.