Who We Are

The Idea

We developed brainer to help businesses promote themselves in review platforms like Yelp, Google, Facebook and more.
Back then, shopping for services was as easy as flipping through a phone book. Now, people read reviews before selecting a business.
How do small businesses compete? They ask friends and friends of friends to write reviews; but that won’t cut it anymore. brainer has an easier solution for your consumers to engage within your business without the complications.



brainer was kick-started with a simple motivation– that businesses can grow with the utilization of reviews.
The developers of brainer had an idea to advance businesses in a way that has never been done before. So, they got to the drawing board and came up with an automated text solution.
After running many tests, brainer proved to grow businesses in a way that creates a buzz in review platforms. These testes were done to ensure product integrity.

brainer’s Efficiency to Reviews

The goal behind brainer was to construct a user-friendly automation tool that requests business reviews without the spam. Customers are at the peak of satisfaction after receiving a service. Harnessing this to an advantage, brainer will send a text request asking to review the service. A simple, ‘were you satisfied with the service provided by [insert your business name]?’ goes a long way. If ‘yes’ was selected, brainer delivers them to a review platform they want to post. If the answer is ‘no’, the review is sent to you as feedback.
Our service makes it easy for businesses to listen to their customers with a simple integrated feature. Never miss a moment of reviews even while you sleep!


Upgrades and Updates

brainer was created from a genuine passion for business efficiency. Our developers understand that obtaining reviews should be safe, fast and attainable.
With that same motivation to improve brainer, we constantly look for ways to upgrade and update our platform. There is no day wasted without finding the next best innovation.
Our developers constantly monitor the activity of brainer to provide the best features. It is our goal to become the go-to platform for reviews to help businesses establish authority and discovery. For comments and ideas on how we could improve, send us a friendly email! We enjoy hearing from people like you.


The inception of brainer started in the year 2016 and is now one of the leading review platforms for businesses.
We work with small and large businesses to improve their reviews on websites like Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook, and more!
What’s our secret weapon? Real people reviewing your business. There are many ways to purchase fake reviews but doing this can risk your business’ reputation. With brainer, we ask your customers to write a review at their own pleasure. With our service, you’re creating brand loyalty and maintaining healthy traffic for positive reviews!