The number one asset to have as a growing business is the way your customer service operates. Ideally, great customer service representatives handle issues via email, phone and in-person in a quick and professional manner. For example, when it comes to companies that service technical products like satellite television and software, there’s a 95% chance contact with a representative will be over the phone. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure great customer service without being face-to-face with the client. No matter how big or small your business is, having strong customer support is imperative for your company’s growth and goals. Without such a department, your business will lose revenue and brand loyalty.

The Significance of Customer Service


Your representatives are the gateway between you and your customers. They play a significant role in your company because they are the first face (or voice) customers see representing your team. Do they respond respectfully?  Respond in a decent time frame? Do they genuinely care about the customer’s needs? The kind of customer service your representatives uphold is how customers differentiate you from competition. According to experts, setting yourself apart is key to consumers when choosing a business to work with. For example, if two health stores open up in the same city with same competitive products and prices, what would make the difference in drawing customers to one? The business with better customer service. Going above and beyond in customer servicing sets your company apart from competitors entirely. This is vital to the future of your business.


Client service is also the main point of contact for your business. In all organizations, customers, without a doubt are vital for your business to flourish. With that in mind, they will always have questions, comments, and concerns that a representative should be catering and prioritizing to. Every business needs to create an outlet for consumers to channel these matters whether using social media platforms or simply an automated email. Think about it, what would happen if a customer purchased a pair of jeans online, but they can’t return or exchange it because there’s no contact information available? There is a higher chance of losing customers this way because it shows that the company takes no care of its clients or even gives off the impression of a scam.

Solution and Prevention

Customer service is imperative to a company due to potential issues like complaints for a number of reasons. Losing one customer may not sound too bad but then it can snowball to losing hundreds of customers from reviews or word of mouth. Even worse, customers can file with a class action attorney or the Better Business Bureau if they’re unsatisfied with your services. Then, you’ll be losing a huge amount of money or losing the business altogether. When a customer buys or owns a product from you, expect to provide them with superb services to guarantee their loyalty and trust. This should come naturally for a successful company. It’s simply just being there like a friend. Would anyone want to continue your friendship if you’re not honest and dependable?


Companies with excellent customer service will likely to have customers coming back. Why would they put their money somewhere else when they’ve already found a business that works well with them? With this in mind, you will definitely benefit from profits, sales, and most importantly, referrals. Getting customers to refer your company or business is the best way customers can help you expand. Not only are you making your sales goals, but you’re getting more business that attract even more business. Overall, customer reviews either make or break your company. Businesses with poor customer service risk losing their customers and can have an adverse impact on their future. Without a functional team of representatives, you’ll find yourself advertising more often because you don’t have brand loyalty. What better way to have a company when your customers advertise you instead of doing so yourself?