The word no is something we all fear. For a salesperson, it’s a different ballgame. Some have actually said that they’re afraid of the fear itself than the actual act of rejection because it can immobilize their performance and drive. Likewise, superstar sales representative has different ways to face the sound of rejection without affecting their work.

Rejection is Part of the Job

You have to remember that rejection is part of the job. Without it, there is no challenge. Sure, rejection is not pleasant, but when you see past that, you’ll create opportunities to succeed. The following are ways you can effectively handle rejection:

1. Prepare with a good response.

Some people will say no, so prepare for what you’re going to say next. It’s best to practice your response, so you’re confident the next time you deal with rejection. Good sales people will always construct a response to redirect the sale at hand.

For instance, if you’re selling a product and your prospect says “no thank you. We’re already satisfied with our provider,” respond with an enticing offer. Go over the benefits of your services and why it’s better than the competition. You can also give them reasons why some customers have migrated to your services. Remember to always show them good customer service to make a long lasting impression.

2. Imagine the worst.

No matter how much you avoid rejection, it will come your way. Many will use your products and services, but some will say no. So, expect it. Bring your attention to those who will actually say “yes” and accept that rejection is part of the job.

3. It isn’t personal.

The rejection isn’t about you. Good sales representatives never take the issue personally, and they handle the rejection with grace. They understand that there’s a lot of reason why someone could say no: poor timing, economic challenges, bad mood, business conditions, bad experiences with previous sales reps, etc. This is not something your prospects will discuss, and that’s okay. A sales representative with a disciplined mind will simply move on to the next person.

4. They see and make opportunities happen.

Good sales representatives focus on the bigger picture instead of the small amount of people who say no. There’s a high rate of you getting rejected when you don’t make the opportunities. Focus your attention on profiles who might say yes. Keep in mind; many people will say no because of poor timing. While they might not need your service today, they may in the future. Create an opportunity for yourself by giving them your business card.

5. They’re emotionally distant.

Do not let others dictate your self-perceptions. A lot of times, the rejection is all in your head. Instead, create emotional barriers that will allow you to focus on the goal. Many top performers develop emotional strength to feel separated from others when they experience rejection, biases, and opposition opinions. When you’ve reached this point of emotional distance, you can focus on what really matters.

In sales, rejection is unavoidable. Instead of letting it immobilize your motivation and performance, you can deflect it by preparing yourself. Remember, nothing is personal when a prospect says no. Allow yourself to move forward to the next person if you’re faced with rejection.