Introduced only a few years ago, beacons are changing the marketing game for businesses nowadays. In fact, it is a very powerful marketing tool that businesses should take advantage of.

Why Your Business Needs to Invest in Beacons

Although beacons have been promising since day one, most marketers still don’t understand the perks that they offer. Beacon technology uses low energy signal Bluetooth to determine your location instead of using latitude and longitude. This means they can let your customers know an ongoing promotion or upcoming events that your company is holding once they pass by your store or location. No wonder why the beacons have become the rapidly growing trend for businesses. When done correctly, they can effectively market your brand to your target and help your business maximize its marketing strategies. If you aren’t using beacons yet, here are the reasons why the new technology is worth investing and giving a try.

1. It’s the Age of Mobile Shopping

The main reason why beacon technology is constantly used lies in the hands of the current customers. It’s because they are always on their phones and rely on their gadgets most of the time just about everything, especially when it comes to shopping. They like the convenience of what the latest innovation has to offer to them as consumers. That’s why this is the best time for businesses to jump into the beacon technology.

2. Reach Your Customers Easily

Connecting to your customers directly is way easier. Again, thanks to smartphones. Beacons allow businesses to engage their customers with quick promos by sending them push notifications. They also help you interact with shoppers more precisely knowing what their preferences are. It’s all about real-time contextual marketing that could help you offer enhanced services.

3. Enhance Your Customers’ Shopping Experience

Beacons are helping businesses achieve a more personalized shopping experience for their clients with real-time promotions and offers. This way, they won’t have to be bombarded with unnecessarily annoying push notifications which they don’t care about anyway. If they keep getting those useless notifications, they might stop using your app or even end up deleting it altogether– which you want to keep from happening.

4. It’s Affordable and Easy to Maintain

No doubt, beacons are very cost effective knowing that they don’t require you much investment to be able to use it. Plus, you can always start with a small pilot rather than going ahead with a full-fledged beacon deployment plan. They also avoid most hardware maintenance costs.

5. It Delivers Impressive Results

When installed in the right location, you can easily attract customers. Beacons send them push messages and display ad content once the user comes within the range of a beacon and remains in proximity. Also, you can also manage the notification rules and measure the effectiveness of your campaign through analytics.

The Bottom Line

When used correctly, you can reach the beacon technology’s full potential. You may not realize it yet, but it can boost your brand’s marketing tactics. With the constantly advancing technology, your business has to keep pace to adapt and gain more customers in the long run.