Free Online Review Monitoring


Business owners understand the need for a free review monitoring app that will help them organize their reputation. Web sites like Yelp, Facebook, and Google collect reviews to show consumers their average rating. Without paying attention, your business can stand from a five-star rating to a two-star overnight. This affects your business in a tremendous way as traffic begins to dwindle.

Many owners can elect to ignore these websites, but the reality is, people rely on them to make a decision. Will they choose your services or run to the competition? Using a free review monitoring app can help you understand your issues without running tests and surveys.

What is Review Monitoring?

brainer is a review monitoring website that is a business’ tool to success. Is this a free review monitoring app? Not exactly, but the rates are so affordable that they’ll barely impact your bottom line. Choose from lite with only one admin user or business to add more active accounts. Whatever your preferences are, there’s a package tailored to you.

Don’t fall into the pits of doom as more and more customers write negative reviews about your business. With brainer, you’ll understand what your customers want with just a ping of a button.

It works by utilizing one simple task which is a text message. How? After a service is done, your associate can request feedback via a simple text! Because a consumer is at the peak of their satisfaction, we take advantage of this by getting in touch with them as soon as possible.

Watch your reputation go up in rating as more users review your business. Thanks to brainer, you’ll see more traffic to your shop as more consumers discover you. Take all negative and positive reviews into consideration as you learn more about your customers.

With brainer, you can interpret negative reviews as an opportunity to grow and learn all without letting the negative review go public! You can prevent them from happening again by correcting the problem head on. In fact, about 95% unsatisfied customers will think about returning to a business when the problem was addressed quickly. Because brainer delivers you an email every time you receive negative feedback, you can correct the issue right away.

In this day and age, there’s no way around review aggregators as they influence the way people purchase. Learn to grow with them with the help of brainer as it’s similar but more effective than free review monitoring websites! See what it can do for you today.

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