It can be difficult to grow your online presence, but it is a rewarding task that is often overlooked by businesses. It’s usually overlooked because doing tasks that don’t immediately reflect profits are placed on the back burner but having a strong online presence is crucial because it adds value to your company. At Brainer, we offer users the easiest tools to take back their online reputation and when used in tandem with strong online presence management companies can change the way they look online.

Blog Regularly

If you really want to grow your online presence you need to be producing quality content regularly that makes people want to visit you where ever you are online. One of the best ways to do that is through blogging. Blogging may seem a little archaic when you consider that popular formats like Vlogging and Podcasting but blogging has an advantage that those mediums don’t have. Blogs can be optimized using white-hat search engine optimization methods to become searchable.

If you commit to releasing a blog on a weekly basis, you will start to grow the size of your website and establish yourself as an authority in your field which will help introduce you to your next client. Your blogs can offer your expertise on a subject or free advice to get readers to visit your website looking for some knowledge.

Use Your Email List

One of your most valuable assets as a company is your email list. There’s a reason that companies buy and sell email lists at a high price. It’s the only way that you can personally reach out to each of your customers and supporters.

Use your email list to let your subscribers know every time you post a new blog, release a new product, or launch a new promotional offer.

Boost Your Posts on Social Media

Social media is a treaty place to navigate for most companies. on a personal account, you have more freedom and flexibility when it comes to what you can and should post. That’s where blogging comes into play again. Boost your blog posts on social media. Most social media platforms allow you to promote your posts to reach a larger audience. Post your blogs on your social media accounts and promote them. Doing this a few times a month is a cost-effective way to bring users back to your website where they can then browse your services and products.

Be Social

It can be tempting to only push your products and services on social media. This may stop users from following you because they don’t care for that kind of content on social media. Instead, take time to go on social media and be social. Respond to users who mention you, interact with users who are posting about your industry, and engage in social listening activities.

Social listening involves browsing social media for mentions of your brand, your competitors, and industry commentary and using that information to adjust the way that you “do” social media.