“The customer is always right.” or so they say. What is true is that if you want to have a business that thrives for many years to come, you will need to build a very good reputation with your clients and customers. But what exactly builds a good reputation that keeps customers coming back? While many of your products and services might be offered somewhere else, which will boost customer loyalty at the end of the day is the customer experience. Before you can modify your customer experience, you’ll need to know exactly where you stand first. With Brainer you can have all of your online reviews on one dashboard to manage your entire online presence. Easy enough right?

Listen to Your Customers

In order to know what your businesses’ strengths and weaknesses are, you’ll have to do some serious listening. Online reviews are a great place to start. Between Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews, you should be able to piece together a pretty good idea of what customers are saying about your business.

Don’t really have time to scour the internet for your reviews? Brainer takes every online review platform and puts it on one dashboard for you. It’s the best way to take back control of your online reviews.

Look for good reviews, bad reviews, and prepare yourself to take criticism well. You never know what someone might post.

Respond to Customers

If while you’re looking at your online reviews, you come across reviews that praise your business or a positive experience, feel free to respond publically. A “thank you, we hope to see you again soon!” will do for positive complaints.

That being said, you are sure to see bad or negative comments about your business. This is where it’s important to take the time to respond politely and appropriately. Although you may have the urge to fire back with a piece of your mind, it’s far better to approach this situation with patience and understanding.

Offer More Than Sales

If you really want to create customer loyalty, you’ll need to offer your customers some freebies every now and then. While sales and savings are great and all, it’s not very personal. Sales also make customers feel like while they will get some savings, they still have to spend money. Sometimes the best freebie you can offer your loyal customers is advice, news, or industry insights that they may not get anywhere else.

Giving customers free advice not only highlights your expertise on the matter, but it also builds trust and at the end of the day, if your company is trustworthy, but customers will also return time and time again.

In Conclusion

Listen to your customers and read all of your reviews, respond to comments both positive and negative, and offer valuable advice that they won’t get anywhere else. Combined, these will boost customer loyalty and keep them happy for many years to come. Contact Brainer today to get started.