Let’s be honest. There are millions of fake reviews on Google alone and that can cause potential damage to hundreds of businesses everyday. Google reviews have a huge impact on brands and companies because majority of consumers are heavily reliant on Google reviews. Sometimes, besides choosing to remove reviews you could also respond to those negative reviews. This shows assertiveness in your business and how customer service is considerate and willing to resolve the issue. But, if you still feel like a review or reviews should be removed here is what you should consider.

Increase Your Brand’s Online Reputation

Reasons to remove the review

There are many ideal reason why a google review should be removed from your businesses profile:
1. False and fraudulent
2. Spam or advertising
3. Conflict of interest
4. Contains hateful, inappropriate, or violent content
5. Irrelevant
Though conflict of interest and relevance can be quite tricky to flag under these two categories, try spending more time and energy on reviews under categories like inappropriate content, advertising, and spam. And although, fake reviews are quite common in today’s modern Internet, it can still be a bit tricky to remove.

What to do next

Whether or not you decide to pursue certain reviews for removal, it never hurts to undergo the steps of getting it removed. First things first, you need viable proof that the review is truly a fake because nothing looks worse than a lying business trying to cover up their wrongs. Simply flag the review over the flag icon next to the review and you’ll be taken to the Report a Policy Violation Page to properly fill out the information. If you still see the review in a few days, you could also report the review to Google’s Small Business Support. Remember to state why the review is false, how it violates Google’s policies, and any images/links that could backup your claim.

It takes a lot of time, energy and patience to remove a simple review, but we can assure you it’ll definitely be worth it.