Ever heard the saying, every vote counts? Well, every customer counts for the growth of your business. Whether you own an ice cream shop or a gift shop, it’s always important to keep your customers happy. Having happy customers equates to good reviews and continued business. Neglecting to keep your customers happiness in mind, can lead to some damaging effects on future sales and productivity. Happy customers will continue to come to and usually recommend others to come to your store. Treating each customer with kindness and appreciation reflects well on your store’s image. Brainer has listed their favorite ways on how to keep customers happy below.

Some Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy

Engaging in Conversation

When people patronize a business, they don’t like to feel like just another number, they want to feel as though they matter. One of the ways you can make your customers happy is simply to talk to them. Ask customers general questions not related to the business your conducting, conversations such as, how’s your day, any plans later, or how are you enjoying the nice weather. These simple carefree questions can go a long way with making your customers feel appreciated and making them happy.

Pay Attention When They Are Speaking

The one thing that can aggravate a customer very quickly is to make them repeat themselves because you weren’t paying attention when they were speaking. When you are attending to a customer who is asking you a question, give them your undivided attention. Customers really appreciate you giving them 1on1 personalized attention because it gives them the confidence that their needs are being met and taken care of.

Show Your Appreciation

Customers who are coming into your store had the option of several other places they could have gone, however, they choose to come to your store. Don’t ever take this for granted because in an instant a customer can go somewhere else. Make your customers feel like they matter by telling them how much you appreciate their business.

When customers feel appreciated they will continue to come back again and again.

Resolve Issues With Care

Even if a customer is upset, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn that frown upside down. Regardless of how perfect your business runs, eventually you are going to face an issue with a customer. This is where your customer service skills will be tested.

Solving customer issues whether it’s a problem with the food at your restaurant or you gave them the wrong piece of merchandise, it’s important to be sensitive to their concerns. Talk to your customers and find out how you can make the situation better. It’s possible to make your customers happy even in a bad situation.

Create A Type of Loyalty Program

Creating a loyalty program for your business can do wonders in making your customers happy. Having a point system where rewards or discounts are given to customers every time they shop with your store makes customers continue to come back in order to build up their points. When they redeem points and receive rewards, it makes them feel special and happy.