As the number of online reviews grows each year, businesses have a new challenge, that challenge being how to manage online reviews. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, the ability to manage your reputation is an important part of your brand strategy. The problem is that most companies do not have the internal resources or staff necessary to effectively manage their online reputation. In this blog, we will explore some different ways for businesses to manage their online reputation and ensure that they are getting the most out of their investments in online reviews.

Respond To All Reviews, Good And Bad

The first thing you need to do is respond to all of your reviews. If people took the time to leave one, they deserve a response. If they left a bad review, give them some personal attention and try to resolve their issue. If they left a positive review? Thank them! Don’t be afraid of negative feedback; in fact, learn from it and use it as an opportunity for improvement.

Ignore fake comments. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is very much active on the internet. This means that other companies that are trying to get more business might put a bad review about your business online. Don’t respond to these reviews; they are not real.

Have Review Alerts On

When managing online reviews, it is wise to use review alerts to notify you when new reviews are posted on your company page or other sites where your business is mentioned. You can set up an alert using any number of services like Google Alerts or Yahoo! Alerts or even by setting up a Google News Alert, but most of them require that you have a Google account first.

Once you do that, just go into your dashboard and click on “Alerts” under “My Account.” The next page will give you options for creating either an RSS feed or an e-mail alert for any kind of news related to your business name. If there are no news items yet, simply enter your business name in the search box at the top.

Always Be Professional

If someone has a complaint about their experience at your business, address it head-on. Don’t try to sugarcoat or hide negative reviews. Instead, take responsibility for what happened and focus on what you can do going forward to make things better.

Responding to online reviews quickly is important because this shows customers that you care about them and want to resolve their issues as soon as possible so that they can feel valued as a customer of yours and know that they will receive excellent service in the future should they need it again.

Keys To Managing Online Reviews

Have an official policy for customer feedback. This means that your business should have a clear way of collecting feedback from its customers. You should also be able to respond quickly when they leave negative or positive feedback about your business.

Respond quickly when someone leaves a review about your business, even if it’s negative. Negative feedback is just as important as positive feedback because it shows that people care about what you do and can help improve your customer service in the future!

Go above and beyond when responding to negative reviews. If a customer has had a poor experience with your business, it’s important that you handle it in a professional manner regardless of whether or not you believe they’re wrong about their criticism of your company or product. Being polite and courteous will help keep things professional between you and the customer, even if they are being rude to you or using foul language in their review. These are helpful tips on supervising your online reviews.