“By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent.” -Mark Zuckerberg

How to Optimize Facebook Messenger for Your Business

Digital marketers has found Facebook Messenger to work many wonders for their business. The evolution of Facebook, overall, has been able to help brands and business through a variety of apps and features that allows for unique customer reach and brand awareness. Here are four great ways you can optimize Facebook Messenger to work for your company!

1. Customer service

What makes Facebook Messenger so great is its convenience for customer service to be readily available for clients and customers 24/7. Instead of the hassle of calling a hotline or waiting back for an email, Facebook Messenger is a rapid way to get to attend to customers at any time while giving them the best customer experience via Internet.

2. Ads and promotions

Keep people in the know of your advertisements and special promotions your brand is having via Facebook Messenger. By using engaging content and visuals, you can target your audiences to drive traffic and sales. It’s simple as 1-2-3. Customers simply get a notification, they click on the ad, and they are immediately on your site ready to shop.

3. Resolve customer disputes privately

There’s a lot that goes on in comment threads and reviews, especially with negative and disappointed customers. Facebook Messenger allows brands to reconnect and engage with these disputes to be handled in private. This gives businesses the opportunity to accommodate customers to solve complaints and issues, especially before bad reviews are posted. Keep your social listening on lock and reach out whenever possible.

4. Prospecting and marketing strategies

There are so many ways for marketing strategies and prospecting opportunities on Facebook Messenger. Keep your audience engaged and aware your brand is available around the clock. Be helpful, post interesting face, ask questions, and most of all– have fun! This is a great way to gain new customer exposure and a way to track your progress and data.