Get into a bright, new season by spring cleaning your business’ marketing game plan.

Ah, springtime; a time for renewal, prosperity and positive energy. Spring is the perfect time to take a step back from your brand and get a bigger, clearer glimpse of what can be rejuvenated. As a company that thrives for growth and success, taking the time to “take out the trash” will make room for new and better strategies.

Keep Your Marketing Fresh and New

1. Consistency

Take the time to analyze what you’re already working with. Consider your existing marketing platforms. Is your brand consistent throughout social media? Is it updated, engaging and easy for consumers to find? If not, think about getting your platforms in line so you can stick with your audience more and make your brand stand out. A brand that’s always consistent with content is a lot more memorable when their marketing presence is always up to date.

2. Out with the old, in with the new

Just like spring cleaning your wardrobe, it’s always a great feeling to bring in a look with fresh, new styles and colors. Is your website in trend and contemporary? Reflect on the theme of your brand and bring it to life with logos, colors and content included on your website or platforms. Maybe a newer way of navigation throughout your website that makes it more appealing can be another significant change. What keeps a brand growing is its constant flow of creativity and innovation that gives consumers a reason to tune in.

3. New ways of engagement

There are so many ways to implement audience engagement with your marketing strategies. Connecting with your consumers is essential to maintaining your existence and allows them to find and choose your brand specifically. You might want to consider adding blogs to further educate your clients on specific topics. This makes you a source of authority that they can go to. Take advantage of social media’s constant updates and use its new features to keep up with the modern digital age. Think about doing giveaways to capture people’s attention and increase a following. Also, simply staying in trend with holidays, special events, and even new movie releases get people excited to engage and relate with your brand more.

4. Expand your network

Bring people together! Not only is it important to engage digitally, but face to face engagements with people makes all the difference. Continue to build a trusted network of local businesses and brands that could help promote you. Word of mouth referrals is essential to keeping a business’ credibility and increases traffic and revenue. You could also consider sponsorship. Maybe sponsoring a local sports team, an artist or organization could help get your name out to reach different audiences. And with Earth Day coming up, April 22, you could give back to the community with fundraisers, cleanups, or charity donations. An accomplished brand always gives back to the community and that’s how your marketing can go above and beyond.

Another way to accomplish spring cleaning when it comes to marketing is to go through all of your online reviews and really absorb the feedback that’s there. Clean up your online reviews and monitor review activity with brainer. Try your 7-Day free trial today.