If you’ve been to a new restaurant or tried out a new service recently, Yelp might be the first place you turn to leave a review. Some people spend a lot of time writing Yelp reviews because they want to help other people find the best businesses in their neighborhood. Other Yelpers simply write reviews because they enjoy sharing their opinion with the world.

But how do you write a good Yelp review? Read the blog below to find some tips and thought provoking questions to help you write that perfect Yelp review!

Think About The Experience You Had

When you sit down to write a Yelp review, ask yourself: How was the service? How was the food? How would you describe it to someone who’s never been before? Write about your experience in an honest way that’s clear and easy for other people to understand. Here are some tips to help you get started.

– How was the service from start to finish? How long did you have to wait in line or for someone’s attention after entering the business? How do you think this experience would compare if you visited on another day of the week, later in the evening, at a different time of day etc.? Try and give as much information as possible so that other readers can make up their own mind about what to expect.

– How was the food? Did you enjoy it or not? How would you describe it in your own words? How does it compare to other similar restaurants or services locally and beyond your area? How would you rate it on a scale from one (lowest) to five (highest)? Was there anything about the meal that was unpleasant, such as being served cold food or undercooked meat? What did you have to eat and drink, and how much did it cost? How is the overall value for money considering what’s included in each price category for menu items?

– If applicable, state whether this business offers outdoor seating. How are the tables arranged outside – close together or spread out enough so that people aren’t eavesdropping on each other’s conversations? How is the view – scenic and enjoyable or obstructed by nearby buildings or street furniture? How was the ambience outside throughout the different times of day you visited? How does it compare to similar places that have outdoor seating nearby in your area? How would you rate this aspect of your experience, from one (lowest) to five (highest)?

– If it came down to choosing between visiting another location of this same business or going elsewhere for a similar meal/service, what would be your biggest reason for choosing somewhere else? What do you think could be improved about this place so that people might enjoy it more next time they visit?

Highlight Things That Stand Out

Highlight the parts of your experience that stand out in your memory for a positive review or make it stand out in a negative review.

You can highlight any unique features that make this place special, such as live music, outdoor seating, wide-ranging meal options or gluten-free menu options.

What did you particularly like about your experience in this business? How was the food prepared, displayed and served to you? How was the overall customer service? How does it compare to similar businesses nearby or across your city/state/country/world? How would you rate it, from one (lowest) to five (highest)?

– What is something that stands out as an unexpected bonus of having visited here? Was there a friendly server who went above and beyond to make sure your meal was exactly how you wanted it, even if it meant going back into the kitchen several times before getting it just right. Were you given free samples of desserts before buying? Would you be likely to visit regularly for coffee or lunch with friends on work breaks? How many times would you recommend a friend or family member visit this business before you stop suggesting it because the novelty has worn off? How likely are you to return for another meal, now that you know what to expect?

– How do you think this experience compares to similar ones at other locations of this same business in your area and beyond? How does it stack up against places with similar offerings nearby? How much better is this location than others in terms of food quality and cleanliness – five (highest) being ‘much more’ and one (lowest) being ‘not very’? How was the overall value for money considering everything that came included with each dish or drink (for example: salad bar not included)?

Honesty is The Best Policy When Writing Yelp Reviews

The first guideline of writing a good Yelp review is to be honest. Keep in mind that other people are going to read your review and base their decision on whether or not to visit the business you’re reviewing partly on your opinion. How can they trust you if you write reviews for every restaurant just because you like getting free food?

Write a review that includes only truthful information about what happened when you were at this particular place. If something was amazing, say so. If it was awful, tell them exactly how bad it was. What would make your account believable is facts backed up by real life experience rather than just opinions .

How Many Stars Should I Give?

There’s a lot of debate over how many stars you should give out to the places you review.  How do you decide when a place is worth 5 stars and when it should only get 1? The truth of the matter is, there’s no right answer.

A good rule of thumb to follow, however, is that Yelp has a ranking system for businesses from one star to five stars with half stars in between. How many stars you should give out largely depends on what kind of business it is.

On Your Way to Yelp Elite!

Yelp reviews can be a great way to share your opinion with the world. However, when you write Yelp reviews it’s important to remember that other people are going to base their decision of whether or not they want to visit a business partly on your opinion.

Honesty is always the best policy and if someone enjoys giving feedback about local services then yelping might just be one of their favorite pastimes!