In 2019, you would think that just about every business that exists, also exists online right? After all, the popularity of smartphones and mobile devices that let us surf the web on the go has led to more consumers using local directories to find businesses near them. You’d be amazed at how many small businesses are out there that aren’t taking advantage of local business directories to generate sales. At Brainer, we help build businesses take back control of their business reviews. Here’s how using local directories can help you drive more business.

Grow Your Online Presence

Your business is listed on online business directories like Google and Yelp whether or not you have claimed them as your own business. That means that customers and patrons that visit your business can still go online and rate, review, and tell about their experience at your business for anyone to see. In order for local directories to generate sales, they have to display accurate information about your business.

Claiming them allows you to expand your online footprint and leave a positive image of yourself online.

Local Business Directories Are Highly Reputable

When customers go to search engines and look for a business, search engines will show local directory listings before they show any website, even your own. That means that if you haven’t claimed and optimized your local business directory page, there may be inaccurate information on a display that could lead potential customers away from you.

Additionally, if your local directories show contradictory information, search engines like google may not show your information att all — only your competitor’s.

Customers Use Reviews and Ratings Regularly

Consumers LOVE leaving business reviews and ratings. It makes a lot of them feel important and like their review of business will persuade readers to either try this new gem or to stay far away from until unless they wish to have a similarly unpleasant experience. That being said, they’re completely right. Reviews and ratings are compelling and most people will heed their warnings.

The answer to this is claiming and optimizing your listings so that you can offer a response to customers who leave reviews. This allows you to thank customers who leave shining reviews as well as reach out to unhappy customers and offer them an apology or a coupon to ease things over.

With Brainer, you can see all of your online directories in one place so that you know what ratings and reviews your business receives in real-time. It’s a great way to take back control.

Local Business Directories Are FREE

The best part of taking back control of your online presence by claiming your local directory accounts? It’s FREE. it costs nothing to claim your Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, or other online directories.

That means that the return on your investment is very high. You don’t have to spend a cent to have your business listed and who doesn’t love free advertising?