According to millennial marketing, the millennial generation makes up roughly 25% of the United States population. They are not influenced by traditional advertising campaigns and they certainly do not like to be pushed into making a purchase. Some brands have nailed how to market to a millennial, and others, well they need a little help captivating the minds of this generation. Here are a few tips and tools Brainer recommends to focus on when trying to market to a millennial.

Tips and Tools to Market to the Millennial Generation

Social media

Endorsements from friends, family, and social influencers will pay off in the long run over a silly advertisement. The millennial demographic uses social media marketing to promote products, display positive reviews, obtain referrals, and increase sales with their businesses. It is no surprise that marketing to this demographic should be done through social media. Even better, with a social influencer.

Supporting a cause

According to millennial marketing, 37% of millennials say that they are willing to purchase a product or service if it supports a cause they believe in. If that means paying a little more, millennials are in.


Because millennials are raised in a digital media-filled world, they are the first to notice whether or not you’ve nailed your digital experience. Traditional advertising and marketing will not make the cut so the more entertaining, the better.

Social Media Influencer

The original form of this was through celebrity endorsements. Now, social media influencers are creating social content that influences someone through social media. The right influencer to promote content is the perfect marketing tool for a millennial.

Influencer marketing helps big brands reach more of an audience and helps smaller businesses scale bigger. Overall, social media influencer provides a better ROI than any other marketing tool.

Craft a brand image

First, it is important to identify your key audience. The millennial demographic is a very diverse group of people. The hobbies, values, and demographics vary so investing time into who it is you are speaking to are imperative.

Creating a brand image will help develop your message. Once a powerful brand image has been created, it is easier to capture the consumer’s attention.

Must serve a purpose

Buying into something useful is valued more than buying into something that just looks cool. When marketing to a millennial, consider the fact that they are more careful in their decisions and look out for descriptors like honest, unique, competent, and authentic.