As a sales manager, you want your team to be 100% motivated every second. While closing a sale at every customer interaction sounds like a dream, it’s far from reality. According to Gallup, less than one-third of American employees are highly engaged in the workplace while more than a quarter are highly disengaged. But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

The Power of Motivation in Sales

Motivated employees are imperative to every business if they want to succeed. This means having a highly productive staff that is working together to reach the same business goals. Before you start motivating your team, it’s crucial to understand what drives them to deliver positive results.

Concentrate on Sales Activity

Sure, focusing on sales result is important, but you shouldn’t ignore the sales activity. Remember, you can influence dialogue but never control it. For instance, you can control your number of sales call or how often you say your sales pitch. However, it is your prospect’s decision to purchase or when to say goodbye.
Encourage your sales team to find a strategy they’re most comfortable with.  When you focus on the means, the desired end will come.

Become a Leader Not a Manager

There’s a difference between employees and employers. But, being constantly reminded of it will only make your team feel subordinate. Instead, share the platform. Whenever there’s a new project, allow a new team leader to take responsibility. Doing this will give your members a shot at the driver seat making them have a sense of ownership. If you happen to be a manager, what are some responsibilities you can delegate to others?

Be Honest and Transparent

Maintain a balance within the team by being honest and transparent. For instance, when creating new policies or implementing big changes, keep your team in the loop. Some will disagree with it, but explain the rationale for the purpose. Your staff will most likely respect and understand it.

Provide Them With Incentives

What’s more rewarding than getting bonuses after a quarter of hard work? Give your sales team a reason to get motivated using incentives. Get creative by implementing commissions, bonuses, or even a few days of paid time off. Employees who also see the benefits of your sales revenue are more likely to work harder to attain business goals.

Thank You Goes a Long Way

Don’t just rely on incentives to drive motivation. While perks sound like good news, it’s not necessarily personable. Positive interactions are just as important in the workforce as employees feel satisfied. Even a simple “thank you, ” and an explanation of your gratefulness will keep them motivated at work.

Try a Team Barbeque

Work as a team, but set some time to play as a team too. Create offsite social events for everyone to build your team relationship. Even a surprise breakfast or coordinating an unscheduled lunch can offer profound effects. Do this in the name of fun. Give your team the platform to get to know each other.

Provide Them With a Sense of Ownership

Set a destination but don’t create a path. Let your sales team find their voice and style to deliver your goals. This will give your employees a sense of ownership rather than following certain guidelines. Trust their style and guide those who are struggling.