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Being a business owner means a lot of things. For one, you’re wearing a lot of hats. Whether it’s in financing, sales, marketing, and everything else in between – there’s a lot of duties to undertake. Apart from that, your customers gather together in one entity to talk about their real opinion about your services. One bad day and your business can suffer without having an online review management service set in place. Platforms such as Yelp, Tripadvisor, Google Reviews and more are just some of the places that influence consumer choices. Without good reviews, your reputation can go out the door.

Grow your business with the help of brainer. It all started with one idea; to help businesses and consumers find each other. Consumers need the transparency they deserve which is why they turn to crowd-sourced reviews for honest opinions. At the same time, businesses rely on these entities to bring customers to their doors. Sadly, not a lot of businesses can keep up with reviews on a daily business, brainer can help.

How to manage online reviews?

brainer comes to the rescue as it elevates businesses to where they need to be. As an online review management service, business owners understand what they need to do to fix the issues. Never will they have to personally check their ratings as brainer shows it them on one platform. Easy, right? It gets better.

With an online review management service, owners can interact with their customers with just a touch of a button. Besides letting people know where they stand online, brainer helps boost their reputation using real customers to represent them.

How does it work? After a service is provided, store representatives can ping a text message to their clients asking for feedback. Whether it’s a bad or good review, they’ll understand the need for attention when a consumer brings it into light.

This online review management app will never solicit customers especially when they don’t want to respond. It only takes one text message to make a difference to any business when it comes to online marketing reviews.

The development of brainer started with one idea, and that was to assist deserving businesses to be discovered online. In fact, online reviews are critical to many consumers as about 85% of people rely on them. In these growing times, businesses can either dislike this notion or adapt to it.

All it takes is one text message to request for feedback, and you’ll see the difference in your reputation. Try brainer today to be discovered.

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