Online Review Monitoring App


Business owners have it difficult when it comes to competition. Unless you’re a well-established company, you might find it hard to entice people to come to your establishment. This is especially true when you have to prove yourself to the market. With an online review monitoring app, you can stay on top of the game without much thought.

Websites like Facebook, Google, and Yelp have influence over your consumers meaning small companies have some homework to do to get people through the door. This can be in the form of promotions, giveaways, and more. If your marketing campaigns are successful, you can capitalize this even more with the help of brainer by requesting for a review. But the difference between brainer and other online review monitoring apps is that it asks your customers in the form of text messages.

What are the advantages?

Rest assured that your clients will never be solicited for reviews when they choose not to. It only takes one request to get the point across, and with that, you’ll see your ratings go from zero to five stars in a matter of time.

Small and large businesses can take advantage of brainer! How? Without an online review monitoring app, you can go from a five-star rating to three overnight. Review aggregators are harsh when it comes to reputation because they want to provide consumers with the best experience. With that in mind, brainer makes sure you’re on top of your ratings. When brainer suspects that you’re going down in ratings, it’ll automatically notify you. This gives you the advantage to act fast to maintain your reputation.

It’s imperative to always have good reviews online because it shows consumers you’re providing a good experience. Those who neglect to use these websites to their advantages risks losing to the competition. brainer is an online review monitoring app that lets you learn from your consumers. What do they want? How do they want this service delivered? Do you lack in customer service? If so, in what way?

brainer gives you this advantage and more! It sends your customers a request for feedback in the form of a text message. Whether it’s a negative or positive review, watch your company grow in ratings. Don’t believe us? brainer’s secret is simple: feedback is suggested as reviews when they’re ONLY positive responses.

Watch your business grow with brainer as it monitors your stats. Getting discovered never got easier with this simple advantage.

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