Online Review Monitoring Software


All businesses understand the need for exposure when they’re starting out. However, this can be difficult with so much competition out there. How does a business compete with someone who has a 5-star rating on Yelp with about 500 reviews total?

The issue here is that not a lot of people are posting a review to your page. In some ways, this can be a benefit, but those who rely on review aggregators will run to your competition especially if they have a grounded reputation. One way to keep up with the game is by using online review monitoring software.

Does it help with my competition?

Your business could be booming with lots of traffic, but without reviews, you don’t stand a chance against competing companies.

Some owners opt to ignore their reviews. They might even find themselves saying, ‘if they really want to try excellent service, people should know better and try us out.’ If that sounds familiar,you’re going about this all wrong! The point of websites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews is to encourage your customers to share their experience. You can choose to grow from this or crumble.

There’s no way out of reviews anymore because consumers are consistently looking for the next best thing. They want the best for their hard-earned money, and they’ll get that with the help of reviews.

Luckily, brainer helps you stay on track of everything as it utilizes online review monitoring software to do the job! How does it work? Well, it’s simple. For example, you just finished repairing your client’s vehicle. When they walk away, you know they had an enjoyable experience as they thanked you graciously.

Using online review monitoring software like brainer, you send them a message with a simple text saying, “Thank you for stopping in today! We’d like to know about your experience to improve our business.” And just like that, you’re getting customers to give you their real and honest opinion.

You don’t need to solicit for reviews when it comes to brainer. If your customer decides to ignore the message, they can do so! brainer capitalizes on the peak of satisfaction after every service which is why it’s ideal to send the message right after the customer leaves. With this simple method, you’ll be able to see your ratings go up. After that, watch your traffic grow as more and more customers discover you.

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