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brainer Lite is designed for self-employed service providers who manage their own business, plumbers, pest control, locksmiths and other service providers who want to boost their business can utilize brainer to boost their online presence in no time!

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brainer Lite is designed for small businesses focusing on expanding their market from a local standpoint.

Easy to Use

The application is easy to use and features one user and one location. It is a starter package that’s perfect for entrepreneurs searching for a competitive edge. Start your small business and run it like a big shot with brainer Lite because you’ll always know what your consumers want.

Request for Feedback
With one touch of a button, you can send your customers a text message requesting feedback. They’ll have the freedom to post this to review aggregators like Yelp, Google, and Facebook. It’s simple to use and requires no learning curve at all. brainer Lite is a non-intrutive solution to small businesses that will never spam customers for feedback. Control your preferences with simple settings meant to expand your services.

Watch Your Ratings Grow
Understand what your customers are looking for with reviews. With the help of brainer Lite, take the appropriate action by delivering the best customer experiences. You’ll know which issues to address and services to improve through helpful feedback. At the same time, your favorable reviews will begin to exponentially increase. brainer will help increase your store’s foot traffic and your company’s leads will increase dramatically, all improving your discoverability.

One Low Price
Sign up today, and see why hundreds of businesses trust brainer in review management and generation. Receive feedback from real customers all at a low price of only $99.

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