To help build confidence with your brand, reviews can help your business and are key. If you are interested in building customer loyalty towards your brand or building a solid reputation online, listen up. Higher ratings and better reviews give customers a better understanding of what you do and why they should pick your business over other competitors.

Since reviews can help your business and are known to legitimize your business, there are some things Brainer wants you to know before registering your business on Yelp.

Help Get You Found

The more visible you are the more successful you are as a brand. Since many customers look to google for help when shopping it is important to get your website on the first page of the google search. More positive customer reviews help with this one.

Search engines value positive feedback and help you rank higher. There are many ways to get reviews for this to happen. Be sure to stay consistent, loyal, and positive when running your business and asking for reviews. It can be a slow start in the beginning, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

Help Connect with Customers

Customers feel satisfied knowing someone like them has had a positive experience. Most people like knowing that they will also receive the same treatment or better. When someone has written a positive (or negative) review, the response to these comments speak volume.

Be part of the conversation by responding to comments. This is a great opportunity to connect online with customers. Reviews can help your business and can instantly make your business operate on a more personal level.

Provide Important Feedback

If you have launched a new product or service, your company is most likely looking for feedback. Having a platform for reviews is a great way to receive feedback and clue you in on what is working or not working.

Many people are scared for this one since they might receive more negative comments that result in failure. However, this is a great opportunity to help your business grow and make the proper adjustments to succeed.

Give Your Business Credibility

Studies show that around 90% of customers trust online reviews as much as some personal recommendations. With that being said, reviews give your business credibility since customers are more inclined to try your business. Too many negative reviews or lack of reviews lead customers to shy away from your business and move on to another.

Improve Organic Search CTR’s

Click-through rates are important as they help draw more attention to your website. They measure how many people click on a link advertisement. The more CTR’s, the more relevant you will appear to google.

By encouraging more reviews for your business, the better chance you have of Google recognizing your business and putting you on the first page of the Google search as opposed to the second. There are many things to focus on when it comes to reviews, but using CTR’s as a means to measure the ratio of total impressions to clicks is a great start.