This 2018, marketing and technology go hand in hand. They have always been shifting and evolving in the past few years and were making a big impact in every business out there no matter how big or small of a brand it is.

The Marketing Trends You Need to Practice This Year

Every business owner wants to see his business grow. But we all know that the success of a company doesn’t happen in a single snap. It’s a combination of hard work and creativity. This year, when it comes to reaching consumers, you have to stay on top of the game by following the trends. Take advantage of the new marketing opportunities as they emerge. Here are some of the small business marketing trends to watch out for this 2018.

1. Using social media as publishing outlets

Nowadays, almost everyone (if not yet everyone) has at least one social media account that they are using every day. This makes social media platforms more power as marketing tools. Users can simply publish and share their own content that can reach a wide range of viewers and potential clients. Content marketing is not about solely creating a great content anymore but also getting your content in front of consumers.

2. Live streaming

Be it a product launch, B2B webinars, Q&A sessions, or even product reviews; live streaming is becoming an essential technique to be a successful business in 2018. Since the consumers are no longer satisfied with faceless and generic marketing, they want a real-time human connection. Also, audiences would rather watch a live video rather than read a blog.

3. Outdoor advertising

Billboards, posters, signages, and all the other traditional outdoor ads are making a comeback this year. It is becoming more flexible and relevant to driving online traffic. Many big companies know the benefits and importance of outdoor advertising. It is also accessible to smaller companies as long as marketing budgets allow.

4. Purpose-driven marketing

This is the type of marketing based on the audience’s shared needs and interests. It is a way for a company to connect to their target’s emotions and conscience to showcase a great deal or a new product.

5. Influencer marketing

Influencers have a wide range of audience who follows each of their posts and get convinced to try out the products or services they advertise. Micro-influencers or those who have 1,000-100,000 followers are more effective to work with companies because they are more likely to get a comment on a post compared to their counterparts who have around 10 million followers. When you find the right influencer, it will surely help you boost your company.

6. Virtual reality

This medium is expected to go mainstream this year. Although you might not have the budget for this yet, you have to go with the trend and invest in visual content. Creating interactive graphics or video on your website will surely go a long way for future exploration into visual marketing opportunities.

The Bottom Line

Your small business can grow into a big, successful one with the help of marketing along with the new technological advances we have today. By following the trends and executing the right techniques, no doubt this year will be a good one for your business.