If you own a business, then you know how frustrating it can be to have no control over what customers say about you on online review platforms like Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Does your business suffer from a lack of positive reviews? You need online reputation management software to help! If you’re unfamiliar with brainer’s online reputation management tool then listen up. Here are the benefits of using brainer to take control of your online reputation.

It’s Easy for Customers To Leave Reviews

With an online reputation management tool like brainer, your customers will have an easy and convenient way to leave your business a review. Each time a customer in your system completes a transaction they will be sent an email or a text message prompting them to leave you a review! With brainer, customers can post reviews to Facebook, Yelp, or Google with just a few clicks. It’s that easy!

More Reviews for Your Business

Using brainer’s online reputation management software is the easiest way for your business to rack up positive, 5-start reviews. How many customers does your business see on a daily basis? Are you asking each and every one of them to leave you a review? How many of them actually pull out their phones right then and there to leave a review versus how many of them say “oh yeah, for sure” before walking away without leaving a review?

brainer’s online review automation software makes sure that every one of your customers receives a request to leave a review and with the easy-to-use interface the reviews can be posted instantly.

Better Reviews With More Stars

What if you could ask your customers to leave you a review while the positive feelings of a new purchase were fresh in their minds? With brainer, you can! Our software sends out an automated email or text message asking them to leave a review as soon as they complete a purchase! This way they will be more likely to leave you a review than they would if you asked them to do it later on when they got home. By capitalizing on the excitement of their purchase, you’ll see more reviews and way more 5-stars!

Filter Out Negative Reviews

We know what you’re thinking, “hey brainer, this all sounds great but what happens when a customer has a bad experience and on their way out the door they get a brainer text? Won’t that make them leave you a bad review?”

Don’t worry, we have you covered! When negative reviews are submitted through brainer, we filter out the negative reviews and send them to your user dashboard. There you as a business owner can choose to reach out to customers and offer to rectify the situation! Talk about a customer service opportunity!

brainer, the Online Review Automation Tool for Businesses Like Yours

We’re brainer, the review app that makes sense! With brainer, you can take back control of your online reputation. Say goodbye to negative Yelp reviews. Get started with brainer today and start taking control of your online reputation.