Over the past few years, Facebook has made a huge transition from just being a social networking site to the core platform for the marketing world.
Thanks to advancing technology where unique widgets and features are constantly being updated, it now also serves as a key tool for businesses and consumers to engage.
With over 2 billion users active on Facebook, reviews made on Facebook are now a crucial component of gaining insight into  a business.

Here are some ins and outs of knowing how to manage Facebook reviews successfully as a brand.

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Reviews

If you had to choose just one social media platform to carry out your business, Facebook should be your number one weapon.
Although it may be a bit overwhelming to learn Facebook’s new advances (especially if you don’t have a personal page), it will become second nature when you realize how easy it actually is.

Take advantage of Facebook’s review contraption to easily establish a business page for your company’s online presence. It gives clients the option to review your business which may appear in the news feed of thousands of timelines thanks to the sharing option.

This will make way for new potential customers to discover you by simply maintaining an online presence. Facebook’s versatility has cultivated a plethora of  information over the years that it has transformed into a form of a search engine both for consumers and businesses alike.
Facebook reviews have taken business engagement to the next level, and so it is important to showcase them. Here are some important Facebook review tips to keep in mind on the world wide web.

1. The Pros and Cons

Facebook reviews can help you boost your credibility, promote positive customer service and easily gain trust from new potential customers.
Imagine if a client sees an empty page without reviews. They will be wary of making a decision to do business with you because they have nothing to go off of.
On the other hand, if your page has reviews, they can easily see what your brand is all about and gain insight in deciding to work with you.

Having reviews on your Facebook page makes your business look more reliable and professional at the same time. When done right, you can also increase organic reach and get a top position at Facebook professional services.

Meanwhile, it’s best to know the negative side of Facebook reviews. No matter how successful and great your products and/or services are, you can never please everyone as much as you would like to.

Dissatisfied clients have the power to give you a poor rating, and you don’t have the option to delete them. Constantly having negative reviews will chase future customers away and this will reflect bad business.There is also the prospect of fake ratings.

2. The Importance of Responding

One integral part of your Facebook marketing strategy should be your reputation management. Since clients can post a review on your page publicly, everyone can see it– including your potential customers. Consumers rely on Facebook reviews for local businesses and trust them as much as personal recommendations. Simply liking posts/shares, writing thank you notes, and even sharing blogs/promotions/messages shows your active presence on social media. This goes hand-in-hand with how your brand handles customer service. A business’ response makes all the difference in mirroring a brand with great client service and a brand that goes above and beyond.

3. Handling Bad Reviews

The key to handling a 1-star rating is in the way you respond. It is key to keep in mind that you cannot win everyone’s positive reviews, so you have to handle them with compassion and brand integrity. Respond as quickly as possible to apologize and come up with a solution. This way, you can rebuild your reputation. Are you being sincere and professional? Are you listening to every detail they’re concerned with? Are you offering a solution or better alternative? The essential part of responding to your customers shows that they’re valuing and also gives you a second chance at keeping their patronage. Take negative reviews as a way to improve your business in the process. Not every brand is perfect, but there are many ways to keep it growing for the better.

The Bottom Line

Facebook reviews hold a big impact on your brand’s online presence. It provides businesses with opportunities to increase brand transparency and credibility among clients. It is not only useful for businesses but also helpful for consumers. It is important to cultivate and pay attention to the reviews you receive as they can make or break your brand’s reputation. Do not be afraid to deal with poor ratings, but embrace the chances of gaining 5-star reviews and a lot more customers in the future.


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