Who doesn’t love a good review? They help your business in more ways than one. You look reliable, loved, and they become great reference points for buyers. Many individuals check online reviews on Brainer before making any purchase. Online reviews are highly trusted and impact many buying decisions. When done correctly, they make a big impact. Set up your brand to win by nailing those reviews to enhance your customer’s experience. Understanding why online reviews are essential for your brand is crucial to help understand how you can grow as a business.

What Is a Good Review?

The truth is, it depends on your business. But, there are a few things that make up a great review. A good review provides enough information to the customer that offers further engagement. The review with engagement will offer constructive feedback to your brand. Customers can be asking about something you might not have thought about until the review. Also, the engagement within the review will provide helpful information to you and your business.

Listen to Your Audience

A good review will help you analyze the most popular part of your brand. For example, if the positive reviews mention a specific recipe repeatedly, then you’ll want to focus on more content geared towards that particular topic. It helps brands listen to their audience so that they can improve their service.

High Google Ranking

Positive online reviews help your brand rank higher on google. Google favors sites with positive online reviews and helps these sites rank on the first page of google. There are times when a businesses’ Facebook or Yelp page rank higher than the actual website due to these positive reviews. If you’re focused on having your website rank higher don’t forget to focus on the reviews. Your company name will still show and customers can associate the review with the company. This will eventually bring them back to your website.

Attract New Customers

A positive online review is attractive to future customers. Most people these days search the web before making a decision. Therefore, a good online reputation is crucial for the success of the business. It has been reported that over 90% of people search for an online review before visiting a business. This statistic alone should be enough to drive motivation to acquire more positive reviews.

Buyer Decision Making

Positive online reviews lead to increased sales. People are likely to spend more on your business if you have more reviews than your competitor. The reason is simple; people want a product or service highly recommended by other people. Your brand will strongly benefit by growing those reviews.

All in all, don’t be afraid to ask for reviews. Sometimes, people don’t remember to leave one and many times people don’t realize that there is an option to leave a review. Just make sure you’re not offering any incentives for a positive review. Allow them to be organic and listen to your audience.

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